Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hawks and Doves

Imagine you have two rival organisations. One is a new outfit that you have just created called The Doves. Lovely people! Anyone can join - no barriers, No discrimination. No nepotism. No 'old establishment'. Highly agile and flexible. Very flat democratic structures - anyone can raise an issue and all decisions are taken out in the open. All of your structures are decided democratically. You're a paragon of transparency.

You set The Doves up because you want to challenge The Hawks. The Hawks are invitation-only. Opaque and undemocratic, they look like a cross between The Freemasons and The Illuminati with a bit of Bilderberg thrown in.

See what you did there? You gave The Hawks the sort of gift that they couldn't have hoped for in their wildest dreams. You gave them a weapon they could never have built or bought.

This is why you can never trust a hippy.


Jon Lansman said...

Being someone with gray hair and beard who's sometimes a bit lazy about gettings my hair cut, I'm not sure I like the implication of this, comrade!

Augusto said...

que tiene que ver todo eso con la confianza en un hippie???