Sunday, October 02, 2005

Posh People's Disease....

.... or 'PPD'.

It's everywhere. Burchill on Guy Richie:

"I don't want to pull the class-war angle, but only a public schoolboy could think that violent criminals are anything but cretinous, sexually stunted scum." (via Hak Mao)

For years I've had a guilty secret. I thought that the The Police were better than The Clash* in every way. Pootergeek's explanation exonerates anyone who shares this view.

"It’s also worth noting that within a year of Gordon Sumner (Sting) being born to a milkman in Newcastle-on-Tyne, John Graham Mellor’s (Strummer’s) diplomat father was probably putting the freshly-slapped infant down for the private Surrey boarding school he would go on to attend before beginning his career as a class warrior."

Stop Press: Want more of the same? Tom has linked to Julie on the Kaiser Chiefs - so that you don't have to buy The Times.

(*The Police's 'Ghost in the Machine' was always shite tho' - nothing will change that. And The Clash's 'Give 'em Enough Rope' is very good on the headphones at the gym. But then so is Deep Purple's 'Highway Star')


brockway said...

She's spot on about Guy Richie - an utter tw*t.

Posh people can make good music tho - Joe Strummer (whatever Julie says); Shane MacGowan; and some people might say Nick Drake (not me mind).

And Sting, whatever his working class credentials, has made a career out of doing a very bad Bob Marley impersonation. He reminds me of Al Jolson.

Paulie said...

The chink in my armour. I like Nick Drake for his guitar playing. I'll stick to that story.

And I know what you mean about Sting's odd skwawk and what Pootergeek calls his 'Jah-mek-i' phrasing.

But Walking on the Moon was a very exciting thing to hear for the first time. Some (!) of his songs were not bad and he seems to have a talent for finding good backing musicians.