Wednesday, October 26, 2005

From Rulsenberg (I know it's not Friday, but...)

Rulsenberg Rules links to the 'What Classic Movie Are You' test. And the movie 'link anyone to anyone' site.

I'm Schindler's List, it seems.

When I went to see Schindler's List (at the Phoenix in Finchley), me and the missus did the short dash to the White Hart as soon as the credits started rolling to catch last orders. As we opened the door, we were faced with a stand-up comic saying "... anyway, there was this Jewish bloke....."

No beer that night then.


brockway said...

I'm Apocalpse Now apparently.

Have they only put cool films on there to make everybody happy?

Shuggy said...

No, I'm the Godfather, apparently. Although a cool film, the reason it gave was that I'm all about power and control and I live by the mafia code. Disturbing so I did the famous leader test instead: it said I was Che - slightly better, I think but still pretty crap. I have no intention of dying alone on a mountain somewhere. Any more tests out there that might produce results showing I'm not mental?

Paulie said...

I was expecting to be one of the Carry On films. Brockway - I expect you hoped to be something like 'Emmanuelle'?

brockway said...

"Brockway - I expect you hoped to be something like 'Emmanuelle'?"

I would have been more than happy if my defining film was a bit of French seventies softcore pornography, yes Paul. I'd like to think we all would.

Truth is I rarely watch films more than once - the one exception being, spookily enough, Apocalypse Now. So maybe there is something in this after all...

By the way, I had you down as something a bit Kitchen Sink - A Taste of Honey or The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner.

Fancyclown said...,6903,1604620,00.html

Completely off topic Paulie, but a while back you were wrting about the social benefits of smoking, seems what you said has come true in Ireland.