Friday, October 07, 2005

Arctic Monkeys

It used to be said that if all of the people who said that they’d been to the Wigan Casino had actually been …. well …. it would have needed to be a bit bigger.

I went to see another type of Northern Soul last night. The Arctic Monkeys are getting bigger and bigger in front of our eyes. Booked to play London’s medium-sized Mean Fiddler, they were upgraded a few days ago to the Astoria, and even then, they sold the place out.

They were obviously a bit taken aback by how fast things are moving for them. The singer did this little routine;

“We played a place called The Garage a few months ago…(whole audience cheers) … alright, you were all there were you? Go on, be honest, who was really there?”

It seems that everyone thinks that The Arctic Monkeys are going to be the next big thing. I’m sure they’re right. Last night, they were starting songs and letting the audience finish them for them.

There’s plenty of links to downloads in on their website’s discussion boards if you’re interested…

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Tim Worstall said...

Can you drop me an email? I want to use one of your pieces in an anthology of blogging I’m doing and need your permission.
No dosh but a copy of the book.
Can you get back to me this weekend?